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Thursday, March 11, 7447

Freedom And Authority

Freedom & Authority

"Leaping from a cliff does not mean that a person isn’t free; indeed, it demonstrates that he is free to leap or not to leap as he pleases. The fact that he can’t fly proves that he is not a bird.

The concept of freedom is valid only within the natural limits which have been imposed upon man by nature. Loss of freedom arises if and when additional limits are imposed by others of his own kind."
(Robert LeVere)

The simplest definition of absolute freedom would be the complete absence of authority. This is, however, a fairy tale definition and there is at no point at anyone’s life where they are completely free of authority. One might say that then, death is our only freedom, for during our lives we are continually oppressed and continually slaves.

When the word “oppression” is said, one often thinks of horrible authoritarian governments. Oppression does not start there, though, it is really seeded in the individual. Our brains, in combination with the actions and thoughts of others, oppresses us. Also, authority is not always a direct thing, no, often times it is indirect. Take this for example:

A man is watching a movie with his girlfriend. It’s a sad story that makes him want to cry. However, he knows that men do not cry in front of their girlfriends, especially over a sad movie. Therefore, he stifles the tears and pretends he has something in his eye.

There are three examples of authority and freedom being infringed:

1. Society creating a “macho man” image where men can not cry

2. The girlfriend just being there, an indirect authority

3. The man taking the first two to heart, and complying with 1

Now, most people would say, “You’re exaggerating, that’s completely preposterous.” However, more importantly, it shows that people willingly let just about everything impose it’s authority on them, and consequently govern them. The fact that people do not in fact, do whatever they want, shows an innate ability for them to govern themselves.

Here is another example, to show how we govern ourselves based on the (in)direct authority of others:

A man and his girlfriend are preparing to go to a dance club. The girlfriend is admiring herself in the mirror, in her new dress, and says to him, “Does this dress make me look fat?” It does in fact, make her look a bit chubby.

Now, realistically, most men have two choices to make here, one likely smarter if he wants to keep on having a relationship:

1. He could tell the honest truth, and say “Yes dear, it does.”

2. He could tell a “white lie” and say, “No hunny, you like fine.”

Most people would choose the second choice, because it’s just mean to tell someone they look fat. Honesty, in many, many cases is not appreciated, and exercising your right to freedom can often be construed as a negative thing to do.

So, furthermore, most to all people are innate liars and lovers of authority.

Government, however, is an unnatural and inefficient, corrupt thing. It has been shown countless times that power corrupts (The Prince is testimony to this), and I have just shown that people are innately liars and lovers of authority. So, a person (often times much richer and sharing nothing in common with you), who is just as prone to corruption, dishonesty, and being oppressive, is controlling many people. Government began with the shrewd idea that the Gods had chosen a single person to rule over many people. The biggest problem is not in fact how he was chosen, as handing power to someone on any basis is wrong, but rather that the idea that the few could rule the many.

Many years ago, when life was more community based, the idea that the individual could control himself seemed viable, however with today’s pseudo-imperialism and globalization, this seems insane. And in all actuality, it would be insane without first a proper revolution in the true sense; that people would be educate and have a completely different view of life. So the only viable option that would restore many basic freedoms that government destroys would be a rule of the many, by the many. It’s basically a fraction, 1/1 versus 100/100, it’s the same thing just on a larger scale. Governments, however, are more like, 1/1000, and thus more inefficient.

Many so called “freedom lovers” (and sometimes nihilists), like to say “Death is our only freedom.” This is another incredible lie, going against what everything freedom stands for. Nature is itself, the greatest authority, but one that can be accepted by most people. It makes laws, and we WILL follow them, there is no consequence for if we do not, because we can not.

Death is natural. It is, however, the greatest authority. If you were alive during the time of Lenin, you could not speak up against Russia. If you were dead, you could not as well. When you are dead you can not talk, you can not enjoy yourself, you can not bring yourself pain, for by definition of death, you can not do anything. Death is the final authority on everything.

Freedom is the realization that you could just as easily have cried if you wanted to, or told your girlfriend that she looks fat. However, you’re doing this for you, not for them.


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