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Friday, September 8, 2006

The Legal System and Why it Should be Abolished

The Legal System and Why it Should be Abolished

Did you know that 70% of felonies are committed by 7% of the felons, mostly repeat offenders? That of the 61,000 criminals sent to state prisons over 16,000 were repeat offenders? People started to realize this, so a great call went out, “Three strikes and you’re OUT!” This was going to be the final solution, to stop the social disease that criminals have, to prevent them from doing it over again!

Would you send a man to prison for 25 years for stealing golf clubs? The Three Strikes Law is putting more petty criminals in jail than felons, the people it was supposed to get off the streets, but it seems to be failing miserably at this. So a new call is issued forth, “Get rid of the guns!”

These reactionary statements are only poor cover ups that the rich, elite, and powerful use to keep themselves out of harms way and in power. Getting rid of guns won’t do anything but shift the balance of power into the hands of the criminals that go to jail, and the ones that put them there. One would say then, “But what would stop people from buying tanks, machine guns, and missiles for their own homes?” I ask back, “How many people can afford tanks, machine guns, and missiles for their own homes besides the wealthy elite?”

Why is it that when a poor man in the ghetto steals a sandwich he will be put in jail for the rest of his life, but when a corporate executive steals money from the shareholders he can just resign and live in his mansion sipping fine wine the rest of his life? Or in the worst case scenario, one might end up like Martha Stewart (who’s security fraud indictment was thrown out), in a powder-puff prison where every need is tended to. I think the message we’re trying to send here is, “If you’re going to steal, steal BIG so it’s entertainment we can further profit off of.”

What then are we to do? How do we stop these monsters from stealing our sandwiches and our golf clubs? Putting them in prison doesn’t seem to work, in fact it is statistically proven that it has the opposite affect on felons. I can offer a solution if used right will dramatically increase anti-social acts, or almost completely abolish them.

First off all, we must learn how to cure the disease, not the symptom. If you arm was hurting, would you chop it off to get rid of the pain? Of course not, it would only bring more pain! If your nose was runny, would you break it in revenge for inconveniencing you? I should hope not! Rather, you would find out, much how a scientist discovers new things:

1. What the problem is

2. How to solve it

3. How to make sure it doesn’t happen again

Now, today the attitude is like this:

Well, that guy keeps stealing my golf clubs…So I think I’ll throw him in jail! Yeah! Oh, darn, he came back out, got hungry, and stole my sandwich! Blast that little devil, I’ll send him to prison again! That will teach him! He’s trying to murder me now? My lord, give him the death penalty!

One can certainly identify with the man whose clubs are stolen, but if we examine the mentality that he uses, it’s quite an arrogant, haughty mentality. Instead of wondering why the man would want our golf clubs, we lock him anyway! When he returns, we throw him back again! And when he comes back a third time, a broken shell of a man, he vents his anger and frustration by trying to destroy us!

What if the man was able to get golf clubs by his own hard work? What if the “haves” didn’t flaunt everything they had over the “have-nots”, creating a class riff? What if instead of depriving the man of his very basic liberties we instead offered him understanding and fraternity? Locking a man away to rot in a hell hole is akin to cutting one’s arm off.

“Without a legal system we are all doomed to be robbed and murdered! Without police, chaos will reign supreme!” I have heard this fear many time, and it is most unfounded, unless we are to just give up all hope at square one. People do not fear the law, a bunch of words, they fear what it will bring, police action. Who are these police men? Are they super heroes, capable of stopping crime wherever it may be found? Or are they human beings, who make as many mistakes as regular people do? They are not a perfect people, and this is evident by the numbers of police beatings, innocents incarcerated, and the attitude of most people to this often power tripping authority figure.

It is hard to blame them if one truly understands the plight, however, for in any scenario authority will be misused and power will corrupt. Give the man the power to get away with anything and he will, it is like waving a bone in front of a dog. This does not, however, excuse them, and the problems with this legalized gang will too be rectified with the Abolishment of the Legal System.

Perhaps to understand why we should be rid of all legal systems, we should first examine where laws came from. It was more than just the clichéd (but true) idea of those who are in power wish to stay in power, and will do so by any means necessary. It is a conservative idea, one that opposes change and new ideas, for with the advent of every new idea, does not a hundred laws come forth to regulate it?

Many years ago there were no laws, people governed themselves by what they had always done: we will hunt, but not people, we will build huts, but not go into our neighbors unwanted, we will drink water, but make sure there is enough for everyone. Slowly these traditions were manifested into a law when a leader came forth, with ideas of accelerated progression that will mostly benefit him (a fascist idea). When a new idea would be ushered forth, it would be repelled with the response, “Our fathers did so and so; they got on pretty well; they brought you up; they were not unhappy; do the same!”

And now we rely on laws and police because we are too imbued with laziness and cowardice to take charge into our own hands, and rectify the situation which knocks at our door wishing our golf clubs. Police are people; we are all people; can we not all then be policemen? Anti-social acts should be taken care of by the people it affects, and the people that surround it, and offering liberty and fraternity, a welcoming hand, and an explanation of why that was bad. Breaking your nose just because you want revenge (the modern idea of justice) is foolhardy.

There is a law for everything because we are lazy cowards! A road is blocked, and instead of fixing it themselves, the people rally forth, “We need a law protecting the roads!” Why do we put our problems into the hands of the powerful? We just hand them more of what is bad for them, hand over fist. Power corrupts, authority demeans, and the legal system needs to be abolished! The power needs to be taken back from those who misuse it, and back into the very people that need it most, that have it the least.

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