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Friday, September 8, 2006

Modern Day Monarchists

Modern Day Monarchists

Everyone is told the reason for their countries’ founding as a kid, but how many people really know why the American Colonies decide to tell England to “get lost”? There are many people that would likely be surprised that the conditions under which the revolution took place could easily be the conditions under which we live today! In fact, we even have modern day monarchists-people more loyal to authority than the wellbeing of the people! These people, these loyalists, people that blinding follow without questioning, often will utter the phrase, “Love it or leave it” when their beliefs are questioned. Their line of reasoning seems to follow: “This country gave you your freedom, they can take it away and give it back as they see fit, and you should not complain about it because of…North Korea!”

The economic and social status, and the perception of each, can be likened to contemporary America to the point where it is frightening. Attitudes and the beliefs of the people can also be akin to one another. However, the government today has taken steps to quell thoughts of revolution, and acts quite like the British government, with hints of Imperialism shining through a freedom-loving, democracy-spreading, liberating force.

First of all, there is the issue of Taxation Without Representation. This was one of the biggest strong points of the American Revolution, and it is quite apparent that today, we are being taxed while not being adequately represented. How many people can honestly say that they enjoy the two-party system? How many people can really identify with the millionaires that live in luxury who tell us what to do? The two candidates for the 2004 Presidential election have accumulated more wealth than most of us could dream of ever having-or needing. And then, they have the gall to send us to a very sketchy war!

It is suffice to say there is general low morale in America, not quite the same sense of Independence the colonists acquired from English oversights, but enough of a feeling that it equals the independence in revolutionary worth. Although it does seem with the countries’ division, a Civil War might be more likely than an all out revolution.

One might say, “But our lives are just fine! We have no reason to revolt! We have freedom to a certain extent, we have food, we have jobs! We are not sent to jail for speaking against the government!” I respond back in question, “Does one have to live under Stalin to want change? Must we always be content with the status-quo?”

In fact, the lives the colonists lived were about as adequate as the lives we live now! They were treated very well for that time, showing that one does not have to live in a cesspool to demand change. That is a large reason the founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment, to give the people more power than the government. Guns are nothing to be loved, but they are much more effective when used in threat than in actual usage (this is an ancient Chinese war tactic). The government knows this, and would like to exert their authority over us more, and thus they seek to take away basic rights. Oh, their intentions might be pure, but as the saying goes, “The government which governs least is the best.”

Most of the American Revolution was purely philosophical in nature, with the idea of inalienable human rights which no nation can give or take away. By most logical standards, things like The “Boston Massacre” could hardly be justification for a revolution. However, people had decided that things would be better on their own, without some King governing them from hundreds of miles away.

This brings up my last point, the fact that Monarchies had the same attitude to Democracy that our current “Democracy”[*] has towards certain ideals. And of course, we have the Monarchists who seek to crush any new ideas, because change is scary, and all humans are naturally Xenophobic.

In conclusion, I urge you to follow the precedent of a Revolution that happened in the minds and hearts of the people living in American colonies, and never be content with what you have, for that is when you start to lose it all. There would have been no Stalin if the Russians effectively protested against Lenin’s oppressive regime. Viva la revolution!

[*] In all actuality it is a Constitutional Republic which acts more like a Plutocracy

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