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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Marijuana and my world

Marijuana is a unique plant - this much can not be disputed. What other plant is like it? What other plant has so many medicinal uses? What other plant has unique, visible sexes? What other plant can be used so widely in industry? What other plant can bring about spiritual, philosophical, and otherwise higher thinking revelations? What other plant can make you so relaxed? What other plant can enhance everything, make everything look, taste, feel, smell, and sound better? What other plant is so harmless that it not only will it not give you cancer if smoked, but will even prevent it? What other plant can make everything so fresh and new that even the simplest of "inherent" cultural values become the most obscene picture of absurdity ever painted by so-called intelligence?

Indeed, what other plant possess all these qualities? There is no doubt that there are separate plants that could meet most of the qualities of marijuana - psilocybe mushrooms can do many, for example. None, however, contains all of these at once. What kind of strange plant is this? What is its purpose, this plant that grows so fervently and spreads with such zeal that it has been dubbed "weed"? Is it even native to this planet we call home and Earth?

Could it be, perhaps, that marijuana is a complex plant meant to treat a complex problem? For those of you that have any experience with Terrence McKenna and his thoughts on psychedelics, this may sound familiar. Indeed, marijuana is a psychedelic, although not to the magnitude of most psychedelics. It will not produce a trip like psilocybe mushrooms or the peyote cactus or the ayahuasca brew, no, but neither do those psychedelics have the physical healing capacities and industrial uses of cannabis. Marijuana is not especially strong in any one field, indeed it is often thought of as being able to compliment most other psychoactives. What drug is out there that does not go great with cannabis? Scary, terror-filled drugs that are more poison than anything else, and even then one may find marijuana comforting.

Erowid lists cannabis as a, "stimulant, depressant, psychedelic" and as an "intoxicant." It can be all of these things and it can be none of this these things. It can be some of these things, a combination of these things, or a combination of the subsets of these things. Marijuana, in a way, is a metaphor for life. It is the infinity: all energy and life are merely derivatives and subsets within the infinity, all possibilities are traveled and chaos produces the creativity and originality that turns the universal infinite consciousness from a deterministic experiment to the playground of energy. Truly, what else could one call life? It is the playground of energy, of motion, of vibrations and waves, of ups and downs, male and females, good and evil, the bottom and the top of the wave. In the center is the balance, the asexual, the absolute zero, and also the infinity. Infinity is special like that - where it exists, it exists everywhere, for that is its nature. This may seem obvious, but to state something and to actually be able to perceive it are two different things. Can you truly perceive the infinite?

I can, to a degree. I would not be able to do it without cannabis - at least not in the way I am describing. The eyes I see through are the eyes of energy, of chaos, and of love - but at the same time I see through the eyes of complete stillness, of perfect order, and of destructive asymetry. These conflicts rage against each other in only a manner in which waves can battle and copulate, with each further hit taking the next to an exponentially smaller infinity. Indeed, that is what I am doing with marijuana: with each further hit I am becoming exponentially closer to the smallest infinity.

Many people who are spiritual view a higher conciousness as, well, "higher", moving UP, like steps on a pyramid. This highlights a central flaw in the way the whole basic idea is trying to be symbolized: the highest conciousness of infinity is no movement at all - absolute zero. In other words, infinity is also known as nothing - it doesn't exist, but it does in a way in which it is extremely hard to wrap the physical mind around. When one reacts, you are displacing energy and creating more waves and vibrations - moving further away from the absolute. I have to give credit where credit is due - Ate introduced me to this idea: allowing energy (life, chaos, vibrations, etc) to flow around you and not reacting, you gain greater control. The smaller the wave, the more control you have over it. However, one must recognize that duality is present in every situation, especially those regarding duality itself (moderation in moderation). When one achieves total control over everything, you realize that total control is no control at all. The more you try and control something, the less you actually do. The more you just let things be, the more you are letting them be, and thus you are controlling them by optimizing their inherent purpose.

This is the world I see with cannabis, this is the universe that it has shown me, that it takes me to with every inhalation to every exhalation. I am the alpha, and marijuana is the omega. Yahweh - God - His name literally means, "I am what I am" , or in more simple terms, "I am". That is the infinite consciousness, the absolute, the zero, the ultimate vibration of no vibration of all. The only eternal truth, that which is, is, or mathematically, 1 = 1. Descartes famously said, "I think, therefore I am," I would like to point out that if a = b, then b = a, as well. I think = A, I am = B. Not only is it true that all things that are, think, all things that are, think. Yes, that's right, all things are part of the infinite consciousness - that's what infinity is, everything. You are part of it, so show yourself some love, treat everything with respect, and learn true unity. Anything that is matter is energy, and anything that is energy is life - and should be treated with love. Yes, even a rock should be treated with love. Why shouldn't it? Just because it doesn't meet our perceptions of what life is?

Marijuana is alive, and in more ways than one. You would not regard your wise grandpa as a tool, even though he has a purpose to you, would you? If you did, you would be thinking in cold, logical terms that eventually end up contradicting themselves as they are not aligned with the infinite truth. Marijuana is not a tool, although it serves many purposes, marijuana is a companion, another living being with a soul and a purpose and an existence. Every time you strike a flame to it, remember that, and treat it with the respect it deserves, and it will treat you with the respect you deserve and have shown.

I have no more panic attacks while high. I have no anxiety, no paranoia, no bad vibes, bad thoughts, bad feelings, or otherwise. And yes, I get very fucking high. I treat marijuana with love and respect and in return it does the same; it dissolves boundaries and I impart patterns. True patterns are not those that define a set to a limit - true patterns know that there are no limits. With each hit, more boundaries are dropped and less limits are set, more skies are opened. When you have the infinite, anything is possible. When you are the infinite, you are possible. When you stop being high and begin to be high - that is, to be the high, when you for a give-give, love-love relationship, the plant becomes part of you. You return to each other as all things are.

This sounds absurd, but at the core of all absurdity is truth. There are some plants that we share more DNA with than with other animals - why would it be hard to think marijuana is an extension of our souls? No, I take that back, they are not extension, they are our souls, as all things are, as I am you and you are me. I am what I am, you are what I am, and I am what you are. We are the alpha, we are the omega.

I am the up. I am the down. I am the balance, I am the derivative. I am all the shades of grey, all the rainbows and all the fractals. I am every wavelength there is, I exist on all planes and in all dimensions. I live in every place and in every time, in every universe and in every atom.

Marijuana is my world.



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At Wednesday, October 25, 2006 6:12:00 AM, Blogger Neeluking said...

Interesting stuff.....not just your post. But also your advt. for marijuana. Pretty convincing.

The philosophical stuff is cool to.

Ever read about Hindu philosophy on the non-dualism and the drinking of BHAANG on Mahasivaratri Festival in India. Would interest you.

At Friday, December 01, 2006 9:10:00 PM, Anonymous Shitgoose said...

Dude, that was fucking amazing. I just recently started to think like you, but you have cleared everything up for me so much. Thank you.

p.s You are an awesome writer.

At Monday, December 04, 2006 1:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was sweet. I read that high and it just made soo much sense. Keep it up man. You are an amazing writer.

At Wednesday, March 14, 2007 11:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

too long didnt read :/

At Thursday, March 15, 2007 2:02:00 AM, Anonymous Fidens said...

Neither here nor there, I sit quietly in the middle.

At Thursday, March 15, 2007 2:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for typing that. I could not find words to explain why I smoke. You put them into my mouth.


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