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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I Am Man

If one were to sit down on a day of no particular interest and count the number of human faces that populated the television screen, it would take little longer than the time it takes to count your fingers and your toes. This is especially true of the so-called “News Stations”; these talking heads are not only spineless and self-serving, but also heartless and unnerving. To call them brainless would be a lie, for they know better than most the tools required to swindle you out of your money, your opinions, your free-will, your dignity, your values, and your life.

At first glance, one would assume that the end of the world is at hand and that everyone is insane or out to murder you. This may be true, but it is nothing newsworthy as this has been the state of affairs for thousands of years. One could look back to Sumerian stone tablets and read the cuneiform script; only to become engrossed in tales of ancient leaders engaging in taboo sex acts, or of large towers scraping the sky and eventually falling to the ground under the oppressive weight of their own corruption. It seems as if all news stories lead back to the gates of Hell.

After getting sucked into the shiny graphics and mindlessly repeating logos, the eyes begin to glaze over and the brain becomes ripe for the molding. The overall frequency of the mind turns to such state that is very open to suggestions, especially those of a subtle or subliminal persuasion. Feelings of nationalism and brand loyalty are fostered into petty tribalism, turning one man against another and profiting off of it. That’s been the game all along; die for your country, for your team, for your politics, your religion, for the shirt you wear. Gang symbols and the symbolism of exploitation litter our screens, roadways, and anything they can get their grimy little hands on. Those disgusting hands, dirty with the blood and sludge of a billion dead and more on their way. A legacy popularized by the era of the Egyptians; human life means little next to phallus-domination and sun worship.

Is this the message we are sending to the next generation? That we are not human? It is time to stand up and have yourself counted, are you a man or are you a beast? Is this the face of humanity, or the face of carnal, animalistic filth and destruction? The time has come for each and everyone to look inside of ourselves and realize that qualities that set us apart from animals, the pieces of us that set us apart from the machines, as well.

Cold and callous, unthinking and voracious, it is time to smash the machine and chain the beast.

I am man.

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