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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Leash of Existence

The proces through which thought becomes action is a curious one. Which of us controls it: the concious or the subconcious? The trying or the doing? What is the force that causes us to move? That moves us to do?

Although logic sometimes leads us to believe that the idea of free will is naught but a fallacy, it is quite apparent that it is a truth. If there were no free will, there would be no need for leashes. In fact, it is the leash itself that is a fallacy. How do we justify the use of leashes? We are superior, and we are right! However, if we really were superior, we would not need leashes. The shepherd knows what is best for his sheep dog, and he treats him as a compaion, as an equal.

He that knows best for himself, knows best for another - and treats another as he would himself. Indeed, any that would act your better is really your lesser; for we are all but equal to eachother. We who are of the same flesh are of the same blood. We know who we are, and those that know, are. If there is to be, there is to be nothing at all. There is no question,

Existence is futile.

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At Thursday, December 07, 2006 12:12:00 AM, Anonymous codyp said...

you are the man!
pun intended

the direct result of my fear is that I keep my mouth shut. But for others its the opposite. that forms leaders and followers. Both out of fear, and both as stupid as the other!


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