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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On Methamphetamine

From a post of mine on &totse:

I do, or maybe I don't, how can I know? Do you know where you're going with this? Maybe I'll try.

Bad shit happens. We don't like bad shit. We don't want other people to have bad shit happen, because we don't want bad shit to happen. Is this because other people going through badshit affects us badly or because we're all one being? Either way its irrelevant as you'll get the same ending - bad shit unless you take a good shit. And let me tell you, there is a big difference between a good shit and a bad shit. A good shit is orgasmic and blissfull and better than any drug or any sex. A bad shit is worse than any overdose or withdrawal or bad trip ever.

And meth will make you shit. Oh will it make you shit. It will make you shit a lot. The more you shit, the lower the quality of your shit. Quality and quantity are part of a magnet, or maybe they are a magnet or have nothing to do with magnetism whatsoever. The point is, they're different, but only at our level of perception. There are no good or bad trips.

So in summary, there is no summary and there is no point, but watch what you eat and what you shit and always wipe your ass. You don't want to sit in your own shit.

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